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#Mark My #WordPress #SaintDavid #KingDavid #Catholicpriest ‘caught #snorting #cocaine in #Nazi room’ 

A Catholic priest in Northern Ireland caught on video snorting cocaine in a room with Nazi memorabilia takes extended leave from the priesthood.

Source: Catholic priest Fr Stephen Crossan ‘caught snorting cocaine in Nazi room’ – BBC News

North Staffordshire Potteries Workingmen’s Clubs of the Late 1980’s & Early ’90’s

North Staffordshire Potteries Workingmen’s Clubs

Kidsgrove Working-mens-club

North Staffordshire Potteries: Kidsgrove Workingmen’s Club

Bill Cawley: “Peter Kay is not far out when portrays the strange acts at the Phoenix. I recall vividly the Pakistani stand up comedian who told racist jokes against himself, the asthmatic country and western act from Cleverley who stopped for breath half way through his act.” I’ll be with you in a moment “, or the overloud ear-ringing rock bands. Sometimes there were special events like a boxing tournament at the Suburban where one competitor eschewing the basic defensive stance advanced with arms flaying like a windmill to be quickly demolished by punishing jabs that opened his nose up in a crimson torrent. For the turns themselves there was recognition that there efforts were taken with proper regard. As local act Gerry Stephens writing of the time reportedSaturday was the highlight of the week and people would make an effort to look their best. The Committee officers ran them with a grip of iron and membership were as tightly controlled as any freemasons. Instant silence followed the command ” Give order please” and quiet was demanded- and got- when Bingo started. Bingo was a ritual with its language and actions especially when certain numbers were called out ” Ted’s den- Number Ten, Two fat ladies 88, Leg’s eleven” followed by wolf whistles and the clinking of glasses as pens were banging against them. Sometimes a frustrated gamester would call out to the elderly lady caller ” Shake them up, Elsie” if his numbers were not coming up.Then there were the turns.“You’d arrive outside the Club, grab your gear, and go in. The room would be completely empty. Then people start coming in; the room is packed, and it’s your job to entertain them for the night. You’ve only got your guitar, your voice and your patter, to get them going, gets them laughing.It was quite a thing to be an artist in the 70s, there was a lot of respect shown; the audience wasn’t allowed to come in or go out during a bracket”.But the knell- as it was for the working class- was already tolling for the clubs.”

Bill Cawley: “I was born in Stoke in 1955 and lived and worked in the City. I was a City Councillor from 82-7 and a County Councillor from 97-05. I’m a member of the Green party My heroes are Thomas Paine, HL Mencken, Tom Joad and Ernest Everard..,”

Talke’s, Newcastle-under-Lyme, North Staffordshire: Talke Social Club mid-1980’s & early ’90’s:

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‘Sorry son!’ The Peoples of the Cities of Manila & Cebu in the Philippines. The Pacific Islands & Southeast Asia ^_^

Sorry sonDo you read especially the women and the son. Account is ten minutes you here. The title is the story is ” Sorry son “.

Is lina is beautiful and good at singing but roughly in the head, it is just their lives, in the province he grew up in the rural areas only. Since he was young nothing else pinangarap but he be rich, have a beautiful house, car and business. Then he high school because he has no panggastos college lumuwas he’ve decided to manila makipagsapalaran to accompany him by his friend with kamagkanak in manila does not, nor his parents still tries him. When it comes to other job is manila compromised he cheap her age nagtrabho club him into the impact club, and because he was young good and pretty good singer has a large income until he got your own apartment. One day people have liked her to kano and the thought of him by the hand of kano come to pass that she dreams so long although he turned kakakilala kano that that join this but only one month combine because they drug addicted shovel and combine they formed A baby pregnant him, and he wanted ipalaglag the child so all the way he does but not the miscarriage so she doesn’t have done but the isilang pinagbubuntis. Baby boy the child’s name and zain wylon.

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Joyriding, drugged Up – drug dealers of Talke

On Friday morning of last week at 1:30am I was on my way home and smth really terrible happened. Three young men: two local lads who I had seen before in the front seat and one out-of-town Asian man in the back seat, were all joy riding a stolen Peugeot car covered in dust. They drove past me at high speed in Chester Rd., Talke as I was approaching home.
They stopped the car ahead of me, reversed and rolled down the front passenger seat window and attempted to sell me drugs. I said I did not take drugs and tried to ignore them. They continually pestered me as I tried to ignore the drugged up joy riding drug dealers. I felt anxious and paranoid and knew they meant me harm. This continued until I got to the top of my street. So, I decided enough was enough! And, made a run for it and home. As, by now, they were blocking my path with the stolen car at the top of my street.
I dashed down Red Lion Close with the stolen car containing the three joy riding drugged up drug dealers in hot pursuit. The car mounted the pavement at the top of Red Lion Close as the drug dealing joy riding gangsters attempt to knock me down and kill me.I took to the front gardens on the left hand side of the street, hurdling the walls as to protect myself from the speeding stolen car with these three drugged up imbeciles bent on killing me inside.
As I approached the cul-de-sac midway and halfway down Red Lion Close and close to my house and safety I had run out of front gardens as the car screeched to halt and blocked my way home.
The men began to exit the car. So, I dashed behind it and crossed the street to the gardens opposite.

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Talken News

“Where there’s mold? There’s Gold!”
Yesterday, I asked the 450 or so members of a Facebook page I manage on the village of Talke [Our Talke] where I grew up and currently reside, if any of them could remember a certain strange salesmen character from my earlier years growing up here as a child.
He was all the mother’s favorite shop-keeper and door-to-door salesman of shite out-of-date food and out-of-date goodies for all the kids (including my v. own mother: Mrs. Patricia Killeen). He operated and served the local community with his wares to the families off the local council estates and in and around the village in the Borough of Newcastle-under-Lyme near the city of Stoke-on-Trent and on the north Staffordshire/ south Cheshire counties border in Northwest England.

Talke is a village in Staffordshire, England, four miles north-west of Newcastle-under-Lyme.

Talke is a village in Staffordshire, England, four miles north-west of Newcastle-under-Lyme.

Vince’s fruit and veg. shop and Post Office was in Unity Way, Talke. Which is in a rather shabby council estate built in the 1970’s. Full of unemployed young men abusing and selling drugs, over-weight single mothers on state benefits and the location of Vince’s rather disgusting cockroach-rat-infested shop full of out-of-date shite food that the locals snapped up at Vince’s super-lowest-low-prices!
‘Get-it-while-u-can!’ he would shout out around the streets of Talke from his jam packed shitty little van full of crap food and stuffed full of other bollox you didn’t really want! But, he some how managed get you buy it off him! The Cunt!
Vince’s other favorite saying and key to his business success of his shop and life-long motto of his v. v. surprising and rather amazingly long existence as a v. v. dodgy food retailer and a credit to his rather unusual business acumen was:
“Where There’s Mold? There’s GOLD!”
It was open during the 1980’s and early 1990’s. After which it closed. Thank F.! Probably after a Health & Safety law violation and inevitable inspection by a local government Environmental Health Officer. Who most probably, and almost certainly, condemned the place and had Vince’s fruit & veg. shop shut down with immediate effect! And then had Vince banged up for 50 years for breaking every’ Consumer Health act and local and national government’s directives and laws on food hygiene and consumer protection since the’ early 1820’s!
Vince’s old shop is now ‘Manhattan Pizza.’ A rather horrible, Pakistani fast-food outlet selling over priced 32″ inch Pizzas, horrible greasy, v. soggy, & v. thin French fries and disgusting Donner Kebabs to all  the TV coach potatoes in the local area and in the vicinity of Unity Way council estate.

doner kebab spit roasting

Doner Kebab Spit Roasting

Donner Kebabs consist of one small pita bread stuffed full with the most fowl mix of dog-food like donner ‘meat’ (If u can call that shite meat!) cabbage and other so called: ‘mixed salads.’ All christened with the most fowl super-red-hot-chili sauce. That only absolute idiots or, pissed-out-of-their-mindz-nut-bags would dare even attempt to put in their mouths. Or, even contemplate eating. As it burns the F. out of your throat and sets fire to your belly, as well as the horrid greasy donner meat food poisoning you are most certainly gonna experience soon after the consumption of a Donner Kebab dirt-box on a post-piss-up-take-away-filthy-feed. As it is left spit roasting for days. Vertically. Like some deranged elephant’s foot or lower leg. Going round and around for days.
This fast ‘food’ (if u can call it food! As I wouldn’t!) outlet is right next door to a new off licence: St. Mary’s News. Which opened just recently in our village. Run by South-western Indian Roman Catholics who are v. nice, friendly, happy and helpful people. It has an excellent full-shelves-range of all necessary provisions of all v. good local convenience stores. Including: all the best wines, beers and spirits and superb choice of cheap cigarettes and tobaccos. All at superb value for money prices. The local store also has countless bargains and weekly offers which are all great value for money. As well as, a superb customer service reputation with all the locals.
Talke News (located just one street and a few hundred yards away from Saint Mary’s News, on the Newcastle Rd. A34 near to the village of Talke’s crossroads) started a petition against the new store from opening up a year ago in November 2014.  That saw Mr. Singh, the shop owner of Talke News, get in the local newspaper for his campaign to stop the opening of yet another off licence in the local area on the grounds that it would cause anti-social behavior in the neighborhood and somehow convinced the local resident petitioners that a local crime-wave would ensue if it were ever to open.
The local rag: The Sentinel (that  which I never buy any more on account of it being more right-wing and fascist than Hitler’s and Himmler’s favorite daily newspapers) published the details of Mr. Singh’s petition and his son Dill’s comments in November of last year, 2014. On, or near the front page of the local city of Stoke-on-Trent Neo-Nazi Fascist rag or what some people describe as a newspaper.
Mr. Singh is an impressive, built-like-a-brick-shit-house 6′ foot 6″ inches tall Punjabi Sikh. Who is said to have been a veteran of one of the India’s wars with the muslim Pakistani’s. And, who could probably kill 200+ muslim Jihadist Taliban religious nut-bag extremist fundamentalists armed to the teeth with AK-47’s and rocket launchers with his bare hands. And, who runs and owns this other off licence store and Newspaper shop along with his really cool son: ‘Dill.’ Who is a friend of mine and really kind to me when I visit the shop for my daily ration of ciggies and a few bevies now-‘n’-again. ‘Dill’ runs the shop most of the time for his father, who is a little less well acquainted with western European culture and also pretty hopeless on how to effectively and profitably run a corner shop in northern England, in this, the earlier decades of the 21st. century.
Mr. Singh and and his really cool son Dill, started their petition against St. Mary’s News a year ago in November around bonfire night on the 5 th. of that month in attempt to stop them from even opening. This got them both: Dill and Mr. Singh and also their shop: Talke News off licence store and newspaper shop in local Fascist rag (or newspaper to some): ‘The Sentinel.’ (See link & photo below. Picture: Malcolm Hart)

Talke News Petition against the opening of an off licence some 500 yards away in the next street from Mr. Singh's (Left with traditional Sikh turban ) off licence store and newspaper shop on the A34 in Talke, Newcastle-under-Lyme. Photograph appeared in the Stoke-on-Trent local fascist rag.

Talke News Petition against the opening of an off licence some 500 yards away in the next street from Mr. Singh’s (Left with traditional turban ) off licence store and newspaper shop on the A34 in Talke Newcastle-under-Lyme. Dill, his son can be seen on the right with his father holding the aforementioned petition. Photograph appeared on or nr. the front page of the Stoke-on-Trent local fascist rag: The Sentinel in November of last year: 2014. Picture: Malcolm Hart [ ]

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