Joyriding, drugged Up – drug dealers of Talke

On Friday morning of last week at 1:30am I was on my way home and smth really terrible happened. Three young men: two local lads who I had seen before in the front seat and one out-of-town Asian man in the back seat, were all joy riding a stolen Peugeot car covered in dust. They drove past me at high speed in Chester Rd., Talke as I was approaching home.
They stopped the car ahead of me, reversed and rolled down the front passenger seat window and attempted to sell me drugs. I said I did not take drugs and tried to ignore them. They continually pestered me as I tried to ignore the drugged up joy riding drug dealers. I felt anxious and paranoid and knew they meant me harm. This continued until I got to the top of my street. So, I decided enough was enough! And, made a run for it and home. As, by now, they were blocking my path with the stolen car at the top of my street.
I dashed down Red Lion Close with the stolen car containing the three joy riding drugged up drug dealers in hot pursuit. The car mounted the pavement at the top of Red Lion Close as the drug dealing joy riding gangsters attempt to knock me down and kill me.I took to the front gardens on the left hand side of the street, hurdling the walls as to protect myself from the speeding stolen car with these three drugged up imbeciles bent on killing me inside.
As I approached the cul-de-sac midway and halfway down Red Lion Close and close to my house and safety I had run out of front gardens as the car screeched to halt and blocked my way home.
The men began to exit the car. So, I dashed behind it and crossed the street to the gardens opposite.

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