#pulpfiction #Tarantino “We Gonna Get Real Medieval On Their Ass!”

”You okay?’
‘No. I’m fuckin’ pretty far from okay!’
‘Wot now?’
‘I tell u wot now! I’m gonna get some hard ass pipe banging m’fuckin’ niggers with blow torches and pliers and we gona get to work on some of the homes in this neighborhood!’
“We gonna got real medieval on their ass!”
‘Do you hear me u m’fuckin’ ass rapist hill-billy-boy?’
‘Soon to be spending the rest of his short ass life in God damn agonizing pain!’
‘I mean wot now between me and you?’
‘I tell u wot now between me and you…. there is no more me and you!’
‘You get gone! And, you stay gone!’


One comment

  1. Rebel Juke Admin · October 5, 2015

    Who’z motorcycle is this?” ‘It’s not a motorcycle honey! It’s a chopper!’ ‘Who’z chopper is this?’ ‘It’z Z’ds’ ‘Who’z Z’d?’ ‘ Z’d’s dead honey!’


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