We Won’t be Celebrating the Fourth of July this Year – Here’s Why -..-?!

Well,  well! The Fourth of July!file_6_1

‘Have a Nice Day’ Everyone in the United States! We all hope ‘Ya’ll’ have fun today and you enjoy your mom’s apple pie with your Budweiser beer and a couple of Jack Daniel’s & Coca Colas whilst you guys watch the fireworks.

America is celebrated its Independence from Britain in the 18th. Century today. I think it was the late 1770’s or early 1780’s, well, 1776 to be exact, when George Washington commanded the American Militia to victory against the British Continental Army with a bit of ‘assistance’ from those little tossers: the French!

Victory in battles such as Bunker Hill in Boston (which I have visited) and on the River Delaware ensured that Britain’s most prized colony, namely: the United States of America, now the richest most powerful nation in the world, was freed from the tight, evil grip of the crazy King George III of England.

I have visited some of the old battlefields, watched most of the movies and read some of the books on that, one of the most interesting and pivotal times in history. One of the few times the British army has ever been defeated in battle. One other occasion was in the Suez Crisis in the 1950’s. When it sadly became apparent that Britain was no longer a world power. After hundreds of years of world dominance, Britain and England were no longer a superpower. Why was this the case ? You may ask yourself …

Well its mostly to do with the USA and the two world wars of the 20th. Century. War is an essential part of history, economics, social order, politics, race relations and religion. Not to mention world power and geopolitics.

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Two world wars within the last century have crippled England and the old, now dead, British Empire. Which was the most powerful nation and Empire on the planet at the turn of the last Century. The sun never set on the Great British Empire and most of the world map was coloured purple.

From the whole of North America in the west. South Africa and Rhodesia in southern Africa. In the middle east: Palestine and Egypt. In Asia, India: “The Star in The Crown of The British Empire” (and now the world’s largest democracy) and in the far east: Singapore, Malaysia and Hong Kong. To name but a few.
(Oh, I forget our massive colony of Australia! [and New Zealand] Well it’s miles away from anywhere and full of x-criminals!).

It was these nations of ‘The Commonwealth’ who helped save the British Empire on several occasions during the 20th. Century.

North America (USA & Canada) and a few other ‘English Speaking’ countries, who were still part of the Great British Empire or Commonwealth, helped save the British and it’s Empire in both world wars. Or, did they?
Did America Really Save Britain and its Empire?
The Empire that the USA so jealously hated and deviously coveted?

American industrial might and it’s resourceful, hard-working, positive and happy people helped save Britain from the likes of Kaiser Wilhelm II of Germany and that little prick: Adolf Hitler, this much is true! Twice, rather late on in the day, Britain was saved from evil, devious plans of those who she so bravely fought, mostly alone, for many years, with her strong, warrior class men of Celtic and Anglo Saxon blood who make the best soldiers on the planet.

But, America is a selfish and very greedy nation, and like France with Britain, we were not wholly satisfied with the ‘kind help’ we received after 1917 and 1941 from the world’s largest economy.



To be honest, France is an ungrateful, arrogant and foolish nation. She is: ‘The Old Enemy’ of England, who suffered for many years from the might of the Great British Empire. Just like many other European countries. We, the British had full world dominance for hundreds of years and ‘Britannia Ruled The Waves’ and most of the world up to, and until the end of the Second World War.

France, we feel, are unappreciative of Britain’s contribution and our ever kind, open handed assistance for the pig-headed French. They were, in the First World War, saved by the B.E.F. (British Expeditionary Force) and the English speaking Americans.


World War One Map - Eastern and Western Fronts -1917 and Beyond

World War One Map – Eastern and Western Fronts -1917 and Beyond

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