I smoke e-cigarettes, but don’t inhale ?


The smoking Monroe – 1950’s – ASHes – 2 – ASHes

Well … Seems like I have made a fundamental error when it comes to the new safe way to smoke!

When I excitedly ordered my first e-cigarette from Amazon a couple of weeks ago, I was delighted at my future prospects and from what they promised and what everybody had said about this fantastic, ultra-modern invention and thought it the perfect solution to my ten year horrible habit, modern man’s most horrid addition to the world’s most addictive drug. The e-cigarette came the very next day and I looked forward to freedom from a stubborn addiction that has cost me a lot in the past few years, both on my physical wellbeing and financially.

I puffed away day and night on my £15 ‘Magic Ciggy,’ as my mum called it, who was also delighted at prospect of seeing her son free form a ten year heavy smoking habit and her house free from the ‘dreaded weed.’ We both prepared for a future free from the filth of cigarettes and rolling tobacco, not to mention to be free from the financial burden of a sixty-a-day smoking habit.



All was going well; Rosy, Hunky-Dory, Perfect …

But NO ! I could sense something was not quite right …

It didn’t stop me from smoking my daily allowance of 10 Silk Cut and a pack of Amber Leaf ! I kept going back to the corner shop in Talke everyday for my daily allowance of tobacco and cigarettes !

I couldn’t stop smoking ! Why I thought, is this not working ? Everybody else said they were fantastic and had stopped them from smoking. It was reported in the national press that e-cigarettes stopped that ever present craving and saved you lots of money not to mention your life !

Perfect ! But not for me ! Why ?

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No to the Islamic State

I’m Not saying ‘There is No Black in The Union Jack’ or ‘Hiel Hitler!’

But, IS (Islamic State), most of the more radical Muslims and Jihad fanatic extremists are not welcome here anymore in United Kingdom of Great Britain. We need to say a BIG “NO” to these people. Else it’s Gonna be a ‘Helliah’ of a Bad Britain!  Not Even In a Multicultural Society – Which I personally Like!

It’s Just Common Sense!

We, The British Have More Than Repaid Our Debt to Those That Suffered During The Long Reign of The Once Mighty British Empire.

The Muslim Brotherhood and the Islamic State have Made It More Then Clear That They Hate The British, The Americans and the rest of Western Christendom esp. The English Speaking World.

It’s Not Us – It’s Them !

Wake Up Britain – We are at War with the anti-western, anti-democratic, anti-Christian Muslims and ‘Allah’ has no Sympathy for any of Us Here In The West!

SAVE Britain and The rest of The World from The Tyranny of the Eastern Nations – They are not tolerant of any Western Culture, Religions, Customs or Traditions.
There Out of Date Religion. That Crucifies Its Own People and Murders Innocent Civilians is Not Something That We Should Encourage!

BUT It Is Time To Say a BIG “NO” To The East!
They are War Mongering, Fascists, Racists Who Do NOT Believe In Democracy or Christian Ethics and we will be Destroyed By Them If We Are Not Careful!

They Plan and Try to Kill and Destroy Us from Within Employing Brain-Washed Idiots. Who Are Stupid Enough to Sacrifice Their Own Lives in a Jihad Holy War. They Are Trying To Destroy All of Us & All That Is Great About Democratic Christian Britain and The Rest of The Western English Speaking World. We Must Stop Them and Their Evil Intentions

You Intolerable Liberals Are Worse Than Any Racialist!
Wake Up! Smell the Arabic coffee!
This Is Not The Time To Practice Racial Tolerance or Shitty, Plastic, Democratic,   Politically Correct Dogma!

This Is War! YOU Fools! 

A BIG “NO” To The Muslims and The East! Out With The Intolerable Ayatollahs and Co.!

Let us Fight Fire with Fire!