‘Percy’verance and being ‘Sent to Coventry’

Hello there, this is an official complaint about a member of your staff and one of your courses you are currently running up and down the country. It is entitled: ‘Percy’verance and being ‘Sent to Coventry.’

On Monday, June 16th., 2014 I attended the Coventry University’s ‘Creative Industries’ or ‘Business Start-up’ course held at Staffordshire University’s ‘Business Village’ or ‘Enterprise Centre’ here in North Staffordshire at the Leek Road campus within the City of Stoke on Trent.

Arriving exactly at 9:30 a.m.  and not missing any of the core lectures by the man in question a one Mr. Percy Emmett, I settled in and filled out all the necessary forms to complete my registration on the course.

As the day went on, I experienced what can only be described as alarming feelings of intense uncomfortable, unpleasantness soon after the course began. Percy Emmett, the course leader, began by introducing himself and his experiences as a ‘creative director’ and ‘designer’ and gave us his full and detailed insight into his ‘professional’ resume.  In which he detailed all his rather unusual experiences and his perceived ‘achievements’ in the creative industries. But admitted early on in his rather boring diatribe all about himself, that he had indeed, no formal education or qualifications whatsoever. Failing completely at school. Following that rather long and drawn out introduction to himself, Percy Emmett then asked us to introduce ourselves and what field of the creative industry and arts we would wish to pursue.
Being last into the classroom, I had taken a seat at the front to Percy Emmett’s direct left. So, it was natural for him to choose me to begin our introductions to the class.
I stated my name and began to recount my experience, qualifications and desired aspirations in the creative industries. Although rather nervous on account of this unpalatable responsibility, namely of going first, I managed, with a little hesitation and stuttering.  to impress upon Percy Emmett and my classmates,  that I was a freelance web designer based in North Staffordshire and that I had started working as freelance web designer some years ago and now wished to create a start-up a digital marketing and graphic/web design company.
Everybody else seemed relaxed as they too recounted their experiences, qualifications and creative industry specialism and their own planned desires for their creative business start-up companies.
 It soon became clear, and from then on, and later on in the day, that ‘Percy’ (and that’s what he wanted to be called by his ‘adoring’ students) for whatever reason, had taken an intense dislike to me and attempted on every given opportunity he saw fit during that unpleasant day with him, to make me look and feel as uncomfortable as possible. Frustratingly for him and his massive ego, but, fortunately for me, he did not succeed in getting under my collar in anyway. He wanted me to look as small as possible compared to his ‘oh! so great personality’ and his “Absolutely Fabulous” belief in himself!
He tried in his very overbearing and v. arrogant way and in a v. spoiled childlike manner to do his best in an attempt to make me feel and look like somebody who was not worthy his rather salty spit.
 On several occasions, he attempted to put me on the spot with quick fire questions. Not waiting for my response or allow me to elaborate in anyway or enable me to answer his stabbing inquisition of my opinion on a given subject or asked quick fire and blatantly, unsympathetic questions about what he thought was, in his very initiative, but, wrong doubts about my qualifications, skills and experience. Which in the web design/development field is of a v. good standard.
Percy Emmett throughout the day became more and more aggressive and unsympathetic towards me. He also tried, and succeeded, to exclude me from group work. Singling me out to remain without a partner for two of his “Amazing” – “Really Cool” exercises in communication.
Percy Emmett, although obviously well grounded in the less mainstream creative industries, namely: fetish and S&M wear design and marketing and no doubt: management of homosexual pornographic publications and with a semi-brilliant grasp on how people think with his semi-academic explorations into psychology (which he uses to his advantage for himself at any given opportunity) I myself, found him to be self-centered, arrogant, unkind, distasteful, corruptible, sickening, unsympathetic and ultimately, VERY unprofessional.
Yesterday was the second, and last day of the course. Unfortunately I was not able to attend, I’m sorry, my apologies. This was partly because of Percy Emmett’s nasty and unsympathetic  attitude  towards myself which has left me and still does, with intense feelings of  unhappiness and unmotivated depression both yesterday and today.

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June 6, 2014 – A day of Remembrance – Seventy Years Ago Today was the start of one of the toughest, most ambitious battles of WWII – We Honor all the Soldiers who fought so bravely and especially those men who gave their Lives to SAVE EUROPE on the Beaches of Normandy June 6, 1944

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6 June 2014 Last updated at 15:35 BST

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British Prime Minister David Cameron then attended a service of remembrance at Bayeux Cathedral, while the Queen laid a wreath at the Commonwealth War Cemetery.

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